(800) 435-9622

Jet A: $5.85 100LL: $5.32

Kerry, Jeanne, Abby, Ashley, and Lauren (not pictured)

Friendly, efficient, professional, organized, knowledgeable, well-trained. Our customer service agents not only multitask, they prioritize and execute.

Kerry Pike

Customer Service Manager

Need a Rental or Courtesy Car, Catering, Hotel? No Problem!

Let our expertly trained Customer Service Agents take the hassle out of making reservations for you.
Make a request; we think outside the box, but within the margins!

Call (316)-636-9700, or email: customerservice@midwestaviation.com,
or simply fill out our reservation link and we will take care of everything for you.

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We offer a courtesy car and van that can be reserved for a MAXIMUM of 2 hours during the day and a MAXIMUM of 1 hour during the lunch hour (11AM - 2PM).
Crew vehicle fee is waived with the purchase of fuel. If no fuel is purchased or if the time limit is exceeded, a Facility Fee for the size of aircraft will be charged.


We are able to book your rental car through many different companies for your convenience.
Call, email, or send in our reservation form; our staff will have your confirmation within minutes.

We will need: Name, Phone Number, Tail Number, Arrival Date and Time, Departure Date and Time, and Size of Vehicle

Check below for a quick price reference!

Phone: (316)681-1000

Monday - Friday 0730 - 1800
Saturday - 0900 - 1200
Sunday - 1300 - 1600

Compact - $36/day + tax
(Nissan Versa or Similar)

Midsize - $44/day + tax
(Chrysler 200 or Similar)

Standard SUV - $60/day + tax
(Ford Edge or Similar)

Phone: (316)689-3773

Monday - Friday 0730 - 1800
Saturday - 0800 - 1200
Sunday - Closed

Compact - $48/day + tax
(Ford Focus or Similar)

Midsize - $57/day + tax
(Honda Civic or Similar)

Small SUV - $82/day + tax
(Nissan Rogue or Similar)

Phone: (316)681-1473

Monday - Friday 0800-1800
Saturday - 0900 - 1400
Sunday - 1000 - 1400

Compact - $34.99/day + tax
(Ford Focus or Similar)

Midsize - $40.00/day + tax
(Volkswagen Jetta or Similar)

Standard SUV $67.99/day + tax
(Ford Edge or Similar)


Need a hotel room for the night or while training at Flight Safety? We have discounted rates at many local hotels including special Flight Safety discounts! It would be OUR PLEASURE to handle booking for you!

Courtyard Marriot
Phone (316)636-4600

Starting Rate

Hampton Inn & Suites
Phone (316)636-5594

Starting Rate

Hilton Garden Inn
Phone (316)219-4444

Starting Rate

La Quinta Inn & Suites
Phone (316)500-6220

Starting Rate

Staybridge Suites
Phone (316)927-3888

Starting Rate

Townplace Suites
Phone (316)631-3773

Starting Rate


In need of catering? Midwest Corporate Aviation offers multiple delicious choices based on your needs! Whether you need something fast or a nice full meal, we have a catering choice that is perfect for you. All listed below deliver!

Panera Bread
Phone: (316)636-1136


Monday - Saturday 0600-2100

Sunday - 0700-2000

Panera Menu

Albero Cafe
Phone: Hassan (316)207-9118
Monday-Thursday 1100-2100
Friday-Sunday 1100-2200
Sunday Closed
Email Order: alberocafeks@gmail.com

Albero Cafe Menu

Wichita Private Chef
Phone: Syed (316)806-7510
Always Open 24/7

Email Order: syed@wichitachef.com

Wichita Private Chef Menu

Asks for 24 Hour Notice on Orders

Jason's Deli

Phone: (316)636 - 4477
Monday - Sunday 1000- 2200
Jason's Deli Menu