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Jet A: $5.44 100LL: $5.78


Tap into the benefits of using Kansas’ largest FBO by turning to an Authorized Phillips 66 Aviation Performance Center (APC) like Midwest Corporate Aviation, you know what you’re getting. Rest assured that you’re being served by folks who know their stuff! We’ve been providing the Midwest with our special Red Carpet service since 1974 – and are here to deliver equally standout support to you. Just ask any corporate pilot, and he or she will tell you that it’s specially trained line personnel, separate lounges for pilots, flight-planning facilities and pre-blended jet fuel. It’s a courtesy van for long layovers or an extra-quick turnaround if you’re in a hurry.

Meet Our Crew!

Preblended Fuel Offers No Surprises

You can trust Midwest Corporate Aviation for good fuel prices – and good fuel. Phillips 66 follows strict control policies from refinery to FBO. Our filter-separation units and rigid anti-contamination practices further guarantee you fuel that’s always preblended and of the highest quality.

Forget worries about additives. Phillips 66 uses state-of-the-art equipment to accurately blend its anti-icing additive before delivering it to Midwest Corporate Aviation. That saves you potential trouble later.

Be sure to check out our competitive fuel prices for Jet A and 100LL – and our volume-fuel discount programs.


  • More than 125,000 square feet of heated hangar space
  • ASOS weather reporting - 134.025
  • WSI Pilot Brief II, Weather Channel and Internet access
  • Volume-fuel discount programs
  • De-icing Type 1 Now Available
  • Aircraft Wash and Detail Available - Call for Details!

Let our Line Technicians re-define the term, "Quick Turn"!!

Professionalism with a Smile is what you receive at Midwest Corporate Aviation!

Let our team handle the dirty work, we have you covered!